A {pretty} Ordinary Year | Week 13

I am back! 

I missed posting the last two weeks because we were away on a spring break vacation. We spent our days relaxing on the beaches and enjoying sunsets every night. It was amazing. 

Of course I took pictures each day we were there. I included the missed two weeks as a little catch up. 

Once we were back home it was back to our ordinary routines. 



Week 11

Week 12

86/366 - Our last night. 

087/366 - Easter morning. He was set for a while with candy and new Minecraft graphic novels. What more does a 7 year old need? 

088/366 - Lunch time toes. 

089/366 - Because pigtails! 

090/366 - A little Dora before bedtime. 
(And I almost didn't get a picture in for the day and quick snapped this). 

091/366 - Some (well most) mornings go like this. And it always makes it easier if I take a picture of the mess and laugh a little and then clean up. 

092/366 - Every single person and dog in this picture is irritated. And all different things and it isn't me taking a picture!
Dog - kids bothering him while attempting a nap.
M - Generally annoyed and because I said leave the dog alone.
A - The resting dog is in his way to roll down the hill. 

Now follow the circle around and check out the talented Melissa Hines Photography here